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L-acoustics K3

In ganz schamloser Eigenwerbung möchten wir euch unser neuestes Lautsprechersystem

In a completely shameless act of self-promotion, we would like to introduce you to our newest speaker system: L’Acoustics K3  

We at Opus took the step towards the French manufacturer's brown boxes some time ago and don't want to look back. From the software to the easy installation to the entire ecosystem, we are extremely happy to be able to work with such an innovative speaker manufacturer.

The L-Acoustics K3 System is a compact loudspeaker designed for use in various event environments such as concerts, festivals and other events. With its powerful acoustics and robust design, the K3 offers high sound quality and wide coverage. Its versatility and reliability make it popular with many professional sound engineers and event organizers. The L-Acoustics K3 system offers a good balance between size, performance and sound quality, making it a versatile option for high-quality audio applications.

The handling and rigging components are at the usual high level from L-acoustics.

We now have for rent:

24 x K3  (mit LA-RAK II AVB / LA12X)

36 x KIVA II

18 x KIVA I

16 x X15 HiQ

   8 x 12XT

16 x X8

12 x 5XT

16 x SB18 Subwoofer

   8 x SB15M

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