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Product Choice

At OPUS we know how difficult it can be to find the right products for your special needs and to put them together in a meaningful and user-friendly manner. We always try to make our built-in system solutions as reliable as possible and to enable the user to operate them using a simple, intuitive iPad interface. Our installation service will help you make the right decision and get the most out of your project. One of our employees will be happy to help you plan and make a decision - contact us to find out more.

Our Experience is your Advantage

We are happy to pass on our know-how from 35 years of live events to our customers in the installation sector in order to install sound and lighting technology sensibly.

We only install components that we consider reliable, application-oriented and of high quality from our daily business.

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System Racks

In order to make the operation and handling of our compactly designed racks as easy as possible for you, most of the components can be accommodated in one system rack, and the cabling outside the rack is kept to a minimum.

Thanks to modern digital technology, the most important system components are made possible by wireless operating units (IPAD).

The user interfaces are created in close cooperation with the customer and adapted to the local conditions.

Find what you are looking for with us - reliable, uncomplicated and completely satisfactory.


LOXONE smart home automation

We have been a Silver Partner of LOXONE since October 2021. We install the complete product range from LOXONE,  being of course a focus on

Audio servers / music servers and lighting controls are available.  Almost all customer requests can be met, control is carried out as often  via Ipad / Iphone or Android.  Most of the components are also available wirelessly (AIR products) and thus enable almost wireless installation.

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