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Event Technology


Streaming / Video Conferencing

- complete solutions with the latest camera technology,

   video editing and production

- sound and lighting suitable for the set

- digital solutions for your hybrid event

- video conferencing / streaming of your event /

   works meeting

- all on a platform of your choice

Sound Engineering

High speech intelligibility, dynamics, optical inconspicuousness - our sound systems meet all of these requirements.
Our sound designers develop optimized  sound concepts according to your requirements and our sound and system technicians implement it perfectly.


Lighting Technology

Concerts, presentations, trade fairs, TV or architecture ...
We have the right headlights for all areas of activity.
In addition to the latest LED technology and classic

conventional lighting, our inventory consists of over 100 moving headlights available from stock.


Video Technology

- video transmission in large-screen format, live images,

  video production,
- 3D animations and charts

- from the lecture to the stage action - that
  the result is impressive.
- from conception to construction - ours

  specialists are your advantage in planning and


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